Phoenix Sand

They say there is a place out there where phoenixes go when it is their time to truly die. No one knows the exact location.

No one except the phoenixes.

When it is their time to truly die, they will escape any cage and break any chains, all ties that bind. And they will fly away.

It is something deeply instinctual. Even a phoenix that has had no exposure to other phoenixes will follow its wild relatives behavior.

It is all speculation about where they go and what happens when they get there. But it is a common Japanese belief that they go back to Hiergosama, the land of their first origin. It is an island enclosed by high natural walls. The phoenixes fly over the walls and soar down to the ground. They are buffeted by powerful magic updraft that breaks them down — feathers, skin, and bone — until there is nothing left but dust that filters to the ground.

That dust is called phoenix sand and it is the most highly sought after magical item in the world. It could, in theory, keep a person alive indefinitely. It could make them immortal. If, of course, one could find Hiergosama.

But no one has ever found Hiergosama.

No one except the phoenixes.


July 2019 Writing Prompts


3 thoughts on “Phoenix Sand

    1. Thank you so much! 😀

      I was originally going to make this a conversation between two characters. But I liked the idea of putting it all down matter-of-factly as if it were a small section in a larger book.

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