The Allurement of Her Resistance.

She is.

She is perfection.

Like a violinist playing a perfect scale C D E F G A B C and back down again C B A G F E D C.




She is.

She is not mine.

She ignores me. She detests me. She looks down on me. She rejects me.

She is alluring.

Like a white mink coat in the winter time. Soft, appealing, alluring. her skin beckons for my touch.

But she will not have me.

She does not want me.

She does not love me.

She does not see me.

She doesn’t think I’m alluring at all.

So, I will keep trying. I will make her see what she’s missing. I will make her realize that she could love me. That she does want me.

I will keep trying.

Every chance I get, I will keep on trying.

She WILL see me.


She is so lovely.

She is so alluring.

October 2019 Writing Prompts

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